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Schools Briefing - ISBA Conference Edition 2015

14th May 2015

Welcome to this special ISBA Conference edition of Schools Briefing.

Over the last four months, the Charity Commission have provided a number of updates and we provide a brief summary of some of the changes. Richard Weaver also highlights the issues surrounding the accounting treatment of improvements to school properties on endowed land.

As we move to the end of another academic year, our legal article from Sue King looks at whether gap year students are entitled to be paid? Following the launch of the report, ‘Ten Trends, Factors and Shifts affecting education’, by RSAcademics, Heather Styche-Patel focuses on three of the trends of particular interest to bursars: governance, edtech and affordability.

Finally, our specialists Phil Salmon and Nick Bustin give us a quick update on tax issues including sporting lets, abolition of the contracted-out National Insurance rates and the end of the £8,500 earnings threshold.

I hope you enjoy this edition and we value your feedback and suggestions for the future.

Sam Coutinho
Partner, Independent Schools 

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