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Hospice and Care Benchmarking Survey Report 2014

9th July 2014

The Hospice and Care Charity Benchmarking study is a new study which aims to share best practice in the sector and enable Management and Trustees to assess their own structure, governance and monitoring procedures against other comparable charities.


The survey aims to offer a broad range of benchmarks and my thanks go to all those that participated in the study. Thanks also to Anna Bennett, Senior Charity Manager at haysmacintyre, and Ian Hempseed, Head of Charities at Hempsons Solicitors, for helping to put the study together and for their insight in producing the report.

There are areas of the survey that show that the sector is adopting best practice and common principles. Governance structures are consistent with the use of subsidiaries for trading or retail operations; there is a commonality in the risks identified within the wider sector and reporting financial performance and KPIs are stronger than many other charity sub-sectors.

There are however key areas where the sector can improve.  These include:

  1. Governance procedures, in particular the review of terms of reference for sub-committees, key policies and the review of clinical governance could be improved.
  2. The management and reporting of risk does not always rest with the full Board of Trustees, even though it is their responsibility.
  3. Whilst fundraising and income generation remain a key issue for many in the sector, very few organisations are linking risk with reserves management.
  4. IT and data security is a key area, not only for the care sector, but the wider charity sector. More needs to be done to ensure that Data Protection legislation and the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is taken seriously within organisations and reported to the full Board.  

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the survey please contact Richard Weaver, head of charities and not for profit.