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Children’s Hospice Financial Benchmarking Report 2013

27th March 2014

During 2013 a group of six Finance Directors of children’s hospices worked with Together for Short Lives and haysmacintyre to design the questions for this financial benchmarking survey. The survey and this resulting report are intended to be useful tools for Finance Directors, Chief Executives, Trustees, Leaders of Care and others involved in the management of children’s hospices, to improve the financial performance and efficiency of their organisations, through comparisons with others in the sector. 


The survey focused on the following areas:

  • occupancy of in-hospice facilities
  • costs of in-hospice care
  • costs of hospice at home 
  • fundraising
  • outsourcing and volunteers

In addition to the summary report, the Finance Directors of participating hospices also received the full detailed results for all participants so they can compare their figures to any other participating hospice.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the financial benchmarking summary report or would like to participate in future questionnaires please contact Murtaza Jessa.