Why haysmacintyre?

Outsourcing your accounting to us is a way to free up your valuable time to focus on the tasks that matter most to your business. 

Our London-based team will provide you with valuable financial insights as they deliver all your finance function requirements from your bookkeeping, management accounting and VAT compliance to statutory accounts preparation. 

We offer the very best combination of sector knowledge and client service ethos, complemented by the latest software solutions. 

Flexible solutions to fit your business 

You can choose to outsource a few specialist services to us or we can handle everything from your bookkeeping, management accounts, statutory accounts preparation and VAT compliance.

We’ll listen to your needs carefully and get to know your business so we can put together the best solution for you. Our services are cost-effective, scalable and tailored, and can be provided remotely online at your office.

Our solutions grow with you without the need for significant investment in software.

Our Outsourcing team is here to help your business, and our fees are based on the level and complexity of the transactions of your organisation and your reporting requirements. To view our pricing options, please click here.



Online services

You can choose our online service, which gives you instant access to your accounts from your tablet, smartphone or PC. You have greater visibility of your data, and more control, and we can share information at the same time and collaborate with each other.  Not only is it fast and easy to use, and includes enhanced features such as the use of an app that allows you to photograph your receipts and expenses which get sent directly to us. It also gives you visibility of the underlying transactions and documentation.

We use Xero or Twinfield software and we can recommend the best option for you when we know more about your business and what your reporting requirements are.

We work with all kinds of businesses and not for profit organisations, both in the UK and internationally and they see us as an integral part of their team. We would be delighted to join your team too.

We offer a suite of online accounting software including the following which can be accessed at any time:

Accounting software

Our accounting solutions cater for a range of businesses in terms of size and complexity. Data can be imported electronically from different sources. We offer a comprehensive tool for further data analysis and management reports can be tailored to your specific requirements. Xero offer standardised reports for smaller businesses, while Twinfield offers a broader range of functions and flexibility for larger organisations.

  • Please click here for more information on Xero.
  • Please click here for more information on Twinfield.

Scanning software

You can email a pdf or scan invoices to us for us to process. You can also use an app to photograph receipts and expenses which are then sent directly to us. There is no need to send us paper copies of documents. You can also use this service to archive and store key documents such as lease agreements and key contracts. You can access these invoices and documents at any time rather than searching through paper files.

  • Please click here for more information on basecone.
  • Please click here for more information on datamolino.


This delivers valuable insights into your financial performance enabling you to make better business decisions. You can access the underlying transactional data in the accounting software directly and you can compare performance to targets and track trends.

We will help you choose the software best suited to your needs and factor in the access, visibility and control you require. All this without significant IT investment on your part.

Our online services provide instant access to your accounts from your tablet, smartphone or PC. We can share information at the same time and collaborate with each other. It is fast and easy to use and includes enhanced features such as a scanning tool for invoices and receipts. It also gives you visibility of the underlying transactions and documents. 

We will take responsibility to deliver accurate accounting records and management reports that you can rely on, have confidence in and receive on a timely basis. 

We provide embedded financial controls and reviews to support the reliability of records and management information. 

Our reporting formats are flexible and integrated with the underlying accounting records. 

Case Studies

Outsourced accounting and advice to support a growing international financial services company working to tight deadlines

We provide outsourced accounting services to a client in the financial services sector. They are a rapidly growing business and have recently made a substantial acquisition. They have overseas branches and are part of a group. We prepare their accounting records and monthly management accounts online, working to a reporting deadline that falls a few days after month end. We report in dual currencies and consolidate the group position. We successfully integrated their substantial new operation into the monthly reporting process and continued to meet their deadlines. Our monthly process includes discussions about the financial results with the directors and investors. Our client regards us as an integral part of their business. Our services extend beyond that of monthly accounting. We regularly meet with them to assess and understand their needs. We provide them with business advice, which we base on the up to date records we maintain. We also regularly prepare cash flow forecasts for them; we prepare annual financial statements; we liaise with their Big 4 auditor and fully support the audit process for them.

Making financial information and reporting accessible for a fast growth tech company

We provide outsourced accounting services to a rapidly growing online technology company. We have acted for them since incorporation and we prepare their accounting records using our online platform. The client scans and emails their invoices to us and we then use these to generate the postings in their records. The client can access their records at any time and drill down from their profit and loss and balance sheet to individual transactions and the scanned documents. We receive their bank statement data on a daily basis via an secure feed and import sales data. We have designed a fully integrated management reporting pack, which the directors can use for both internal financial management and to extract relevant information for inclusion in their reports to investors and shareholders.

Flexible outsourcing for a not for profit entity with a supportive and collaborative working method

We act for a client in the not for profit sector. They took the decision on the retirement of their book keeper to consider outsourcing some of their bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities. They chose to host the accounting software and wanted the opportunity to retain some of the responsibility themselves for the preparation of their records in house. We provide a flexible solution based on their needs. We have advised them on the set up of their accounting system and complete their accounting records once they have made initial postings. We then prepare monthly management accounts including department reporting and provide training and support to the staff member responsible for making some of the accounting entries.

Getting it right from the start, advising a hospitality sector startup on online accounting and reporting structures

We act for a newly established business in the hospitality sector. We have advised them on a suitable online accounting system which we have implemented for them. We have discussed and agreed with them a relevant reporting structure together with key performance indicators to help them to monitor the financial performance of their business. We have advised them on a range of issues during set up including VAT, treatment of working capital injections, EPOS systems, practical procedures for cashing up and reconciling takings. They provide their records and financial data to us electronically and they can access their records online at any time, including copy invoices and documents which are linked to individual transactions.