Legal and privacy policy

Legal and privacy policy

Your privacy is important

We respect and understand how important personal privacy is to our clients and website visitors and as such can confirm that this website does not automatically capture or store a visitor’s personal information. Visitors can of course willingly volunteer their personal information using one of the forms on the website eg the Contact form, the Application form, or the Request a Demo form. These details, or part thereof, are then stored either in the website CMS database, and/or directly within haysmacintyre’s IT systems. Any data entered into the website is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act and only used in relation to the purpose of delivering the service being requested by the customer, the service we anticipate might be requested, or to deliver information and services we consider might be of special relevance to the customer.

Use of this website

We own the copyright in this site and the materials published on it. You may not link any other website to this site, nor frame it, without our express permission.


The cookies we use on the website help us to ensure it can deliver the functionality needed by the visitors and also so that we might better understand how people are using the site. Such insight typically allows us then to ensure the site is developed with the visitors’ needs and preferences in mind. These cookies only record anonymous data such as the visitor’s IP address and browser session information such as the duration of the visit, pages visited, and the type of browser used. In certain instances, such as when a customer is using the event booking form, the cookies may also help capture and process personal details such as a name, address, email and telephone number and pass this to a payment processing provider so that an event booking can be completed.

Here is an example of the main types of cookie being used on the site:

Google Analytics/Google Maps cookies - we use these to collect information about how visitors are using our site eg how often they visit and which pages they visit. We also use cookies to enable us to show visitors a Google map without having to leave the site. Please visit Google's privacy policy for more information.

Session cookies - PHPSESSID/laravel_session - we use these "temporary" cookies, for example, when customers visit the events section and want to book themselves onto an event.

Please do contact us if you would like more information about the exact type and number of cookies we are using at any one time. You can also visit the website for the UK's Information Commissioner's Office to find out more about the EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive)

Changing your cookie settings

You can also change your cookie settings at any time in your browser to define which types of cookies you want your browser to accept, however in doing so, you may not be able to view certain types of content on this site or your ability to interact with certain parts of the site might be limited or non-functional eg you might not be able to place a booking for an event.

How we use the data you share with us

We may use the personal information you choose to share with us to manage your event booking, for example, and/or to later forward to you, either by email or post, other related information which you may find of interest and of relevance to your visit to this website.

Third parties

We never sell or share any personal details to third parties or permit other organisations to access it, view it, or use it in any way, shape or form unless required or obligated to by the governing laws of England and Wales.
This policy only applies to the website. haysmacintyre is not liable for the content or activities of websites being linked to from this site.


This site contains general information and materials based on English accounting and business practice. Such information and materials are not suitable for, and should not be used as, guidance in relation to accounting and business issues arising in any other jurisdiction.

The information and materials contained in this site provide a general introduction to the topics to which they relate. They are not intended to be exhaustive, nor can they provide the detail necessary to give guidance in relation to any specific problems.

The information and materials contained in this site are believed to be correct as at the date of first publication. While we make every effort to ensure that this site is kept up to date, it may be incomplete, out of date or incorrect.

This site and the information and materials contained in it should not be regarded as constituting or being a substitute for, and should not be relied upon as, accounting advice. We disclaim any liability or responsibility in respect of any reliance which may be placed upon the information and materials contained in this site. Should you require accounting advice please do not hesitate to contact us.