IT Consulting

How secure and robust is your IT?

haysmacintyre IT Consultants Limited (HMITC) is the IT consultancy arm of haysmacintyre. We have in depth knowledge and understanding of the IT needs and requirements of a wide range of commercial, not for profit and charitable organisations. 

We understand that organisations have a base need for infrastructure but then a specific need for software and systems that are complementary to their individual operation. We're able to offer a bespoke solution and provide practical guidance and technical support to enable your business to thrive. 

Our services

We tailor our services to the individual needs of clients, large or small. Often our services are driven by a specific identified risk within the existing business systems, applications or hardware and we have designed a suite of products and services to support you in your day to day work, ensuring that you are well placed to meet the increasingly rigorous legislative regime.

Below is an overview of the services we can offer.

Security Reviews - An ‘across the board’ review of security for an organisation covering security policies, physical security, organisational/operational security, logical security including password/access controls, backups, virus protection, remote/wireless security, use of laptops/smartphones/tablets, use of hard disk encryption/USB memory sticks and more.

To download our Security Review factsheet, click here.

To download our Security Awareness Training factsheet, click here.

IT Infrastructure - Includes the major elements of the security review with the addition of reviewing an organisation’s technical IT infrastructure, including:

  • Client devices (PCs, laptops)
  • Printing environment
  • Servers
  • Network devices
  • Email environment
  • Backup configuration
  • Firewalls

Penetration Testing - Organisations have a duty of care under Data Protection Act 1998 to protect customer/client personal data. When data security breaches occur, the Information Commissioners Office can take enforcement action which can result in large fines. Penetration testing of web applications can provide assurance that you are doing all that you need to, or highlight areas for improvement to protect your business and reputation.

To download our Penetration Testing factsheet, click here.

PCI DSS - When organisations use an IT system to store, process or transmit card payment data there is a PCI DSS compliance requirement. We can assist you in ensuring that the systems you have are robust. Any organisation taking credit or debit card information directly from clients needs to ensure that they are aware of and complying with these security requirements.

Application Review - HMITC will work together with haysmacintyre audit staff to review the use of line-of-business applications within an organisation. This can highlight more efficient usage of existing systems, or duplications which can result in time and cost savings for your business. Specific areas covered include: 

  • Strategy behind the use of applications
  • Integration and data flow between applications
  • Security
  • Training
  • Internal knowledge of applications/super-users/approach to support

Cloud Based Infrastructure – We're a Microsoft partner and can offer clients the flexibility of using a cloud based infrastructure utilising Office 365. We're able to offer installation of cloud-based systems using Citrix type Office 365 or technology to help set up your new business with the critical systems you will require.
(Office 365 is a subscription based suite of online products offered by Microsoft which provides email, file storage and collaborative functionality including the Office suite of products.)

Project Management – We're able to act as independent consultants on larger IT projects where you may need access to IT professionals to cut through the ‘tech’ talk and steer you towards the right solution. This can range from involvement at the initial tender stage, defining the scope of the tender and the tender documentation, through to project management and integration of the preferred solution.

Our approach to client service is holistic. Whilst we can devise a bespoke solution to meet your needs, there is often more value placed on ongoing technical support. We recognise this need and are able to offer retainer based support packages to suit you.