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Webinar: Call for evidence – Employer Provided Living Accommodation

22nd January 2016

We hosted a webinar yesterday on HM Revenue & Customs' call for evidence on employer provided living accommodation.  Whilst changes are unlikely to come into effect until April 2018 they will potentially impact upon:

  • Basis upon which any exemption will apply; and
  • How any benefit in kind charge will be calculated.

Our concluding message was the importance of “making your voice heard” and we recommend that you make your own representations to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on the points which are of concern to you. You may also wish to provide any helpful information to your representative organisation who is already liaising with HMRC. We will of course be pleased to consider your thoughts and observations within our own submission. The deadline for submissions to be made to HMRC is 3 February 2016 and can be sent via email to

Please find a link below to the slides from our webinar.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact either Katharine Arthur or Nick Bustin.

Katharine Arthur, Head of Tax
Tel: 020 7969 5610

Nick Bustin, Director of Employment Tax
Tel: 020 7969 5578 

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