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The New Charity Code of Governance (July 2017)

14th November 2017

'The charity sector’s governance code (‘the Code’) is now in its 12th year and its third edition. It is designed as a tool to support the continuous improvement of governance in the sector. We know that strong governance underpins strategic success and good governance will ensure a charity has the policies, systems and procedures that it needs, that they are followed and will also encourage the right values and behaviours. To quote Sarah Atkinson, director of policy and communications at the Charity Commission, “it’s about demonstrating leadership, integrity, accountability and sound judgement” which is so important at a time when there is much scrutiny and criticism by the media. 

The aim of the new code is to help charities and their trustees to develop high standards of governance. However, the Code is not a legal or regulatory requirements. It sets the framework for good governance but also recognises that governance can look significantly different depending on a charity’s size, income, activities and complexity.' 

Schools Partner Sam Coutinho has written an article for The Bursar's Review magazine on the new Charity Code of Governance and it's effect on independent schools. For the full article, visit the Bursar's Review website, or alternatively contact the marketing team. First published Autumn 2017.