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Sink or swim? How to time your tech IPO for success

29th November 2017

'Last year the IPO market experienced a dry spell – the lowest since 2009. However, this slump rejuvenated in the first half of 2017 and the market has maintained momentum since.

Uber recently made public plans to list in the next 18 to 36 months, showing that for the tech industry IPOs are big business. 

Many entrepreneurs dream of floating big one day, but as ever, timing is everything. For example, Airbnb recently delayed their IPO plans having raised $1bn from VCs. 

Timing is particularly important now as a number of key events, including the Brexit vote, the results of the US election and wider global uncertainty have all contributed towards stock market volatility. The market is shifting, so when is the right time for tech companies to start an IPO?'

Partner Laura Mott has written an article on how to time your tech IPO for success for UKTN. For the full article, click here. First published August 2017 on the C Suite; republished for UKTN in November 2017.