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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

13th March 2017

The LEI is a 20 digit code number that identifies every legal entity that is party to a financial transaction anywhere in the world.  It allows an unambiguous identification of legal entities engaged in financial transactions (e.g. investing in listed securities/shares)

A legal entity includes corporate vehicles, trusts, partnerships, charities and Government organisations but excludes natural persons.

The LEI is supplied by an LEI issuer who will deal with registration, renewal and other services.  The London Stock Exchange is one organisation who is a LEI issuer.

There is an initial registration cost of £115 + VAT and an annual maintenance cost of £70 + VAT per annum per LEI. Initial registration is due by 3rd January 2018.

Once a legal entity has obtained an LEI it must supply the following information which is then available, for free to any interested party.

  • The official name of the entity.
  • The registered address of that legal entity.
  • The country of formation.
  • The codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions.
  • The date of the first LEI assignment, the date of the last update of the LEI information and date of expiry if applicable.

If you have any queries regarding LEI, please get in touch with your normal haysmacintyre contact or Nigel Landsman.